Applications of Ectoparasiticides

Methods of application of ectoparasiticides to cattle and sheep are by pour-ons, backpack sprayers, spray-races and diptanks.


A ready to use product is applied along the dorsal midline from the neck to the base of the tail.

Advantages of pour-on products

  • Ready to use - can be applied anywhere and no additional water is required
  • Quick - no product preparation is required
  • Economical -
    • No extra equipment required
    • Decreased stress induced production losses
  • Environmentally friendly - no disposal of wastes

Pour-on application in sheep

Before applying pour-on to sheep the fleece must be parted so the product can be appled directly to the skin. The product is applied along the dorsal midline of the sheep.

To ensure that the entire body surface of sheep, including the limbs, is covered product also needs to be applied to the areas at the top of the limbs.

Spray-races and Diptanks

Spray-races and diptanks are commonly used to treat large numbers of animals.

sheep dip

Dipping sheep

dipping cattle

Dipping cattle

Click here for a schematic drawing of a diptank and a spray-race

pour-on cow

Applying pour-on to the dorsal midline of a cow

pour-on sheep

Applying the product to the top of the limbs

pour-on sheep

Fleece parted to apply pour-on directly to the skin