Butox® is a range of formulations containing the synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin as an active ingredient. It is for the control of ectoparasitic infestations in cattle and sheep caused by ticks, lice, flies, mites, midges and keds.

Butox® formulations

Butox® EC
  • A concentrate for dilution in water.
  • Deltamethrin content is usually 50g/L, but may vary in different countries
  • Used to treat large numbers of animals by dip or spray
Butox® Deltab
  • A soluble tablet containing deltamethrin
  • For the preparation of spray solutions and topping up diptanks
Butox® 7.5 pour-on
  • A ready to use formulation to be poured over the animal’s back
  • Specifically intented to treat against lice and flying insects
  • Contains 7.5g/L of deltamethrin
Butox® 10 pour-on
  • Specifically formulated for long term control of ticks and tsetse flies
  • An oil based pour-on formulation containing 10g/L of deltamethrin

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