Controlling Culicoides on the animal

In Northern Europe the control of Culicoides on ruminants has previously been neglected as they were not significant vectors of disease before the arrival of BTV-8.

Most research in insecticides has instead focused on flies which usually attack the head and upper body of ruminants. Culicoides, however, prefer biting along the sides of the belly and lower legs. It is thus vital that insecticides which are poured along the backline of animals reach these target areas in sufficient concentrations to kill Culicoides, and any infected midges are killed quickly before they can transmit disease.

Butox®7.5 pour-on contains the knock-down synthetic pyrethroid, deltamethrin.  It is the only pour-on insecticide with proven efficacy against the Culicoides midge. A small amount of Butox® 7.5 pour-on applied along the dorsal mid-line, diffuses into and protects the epidermis against biting parasites.

Trials undertaken found Butox® 7.5 pour-on rapidly kill midges at the body areas prone to midge bites.  Results from this trial support a recommendation of applying Butox® 7.5 pour-on monthly to cattle as an aid in the control of midges.

Read the full published trial:

Butox® 7.5 pour on: a deltamethrin treatment of sheep and cattle: pilot study of killing effects on Culicoides species (Ceratopogonidae) (118k)

Heinz Mehlhorn, Günter Schmahl, Jochen D`Haese & Bärbel Schumacher

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application butox
Apply a small amount of Butox 7.5 along the dorsal midline, from the neck to the base of the tail.