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Both chemical classes can be recommended. Organophosphates are facing more resistance problems than Synthetic Pyrethroids. Butox® EC 50 can be used for wall or ground spraying. For the treatment of the environment, a hot or cold fogging application with OP or SP is recommended.

There is no published data available on this topic yet. It is true that these areas contain a lower concentration of lipids. Despite this, Butox® shows good activity against midges even if their favorite biting zones are those “thin-skinned” areas. The udder area has to be considered as a higher “risk zone”, due to the fact that it is cleaned twice a day.

  • Lice and mites one application every six month
  • Flies one application every6-8 weeks depending on the degree of infestation, fly species and weather conditions
  • Ticks – treatment should be repeated according to level of infestation.

Deltamethrin is a lipophylic substance (not soluble in water) and should therefore not be rinsed off to any significant degree by rain.

Deltamethrin is a lipophilic substance (not soluble in water) and can therefore not be rinsed off to a significant degree by rain.

Deltamethrin is a lipophilic substance (not soluble in water) and can therefore not be rinsed off to a significant degree by rain.

In single cases, depending on the application method, herd conditions and weather conditions a shorter duration is possible. The stated protection times for flies and ticks were confirmed in our trials. If resistance was a problem, there would be no efficacy from the beginning of the period. In Europe there have been no resistance problems at all for the claimed parasites.

In general global Science is only at the beginning of its Culicoides research and in defining control measures. Re-application every 4 weeks is current knowledge as a result of field testing. Additionally it has to be mentioned that although Culicoides and “other flies” belong to the same family (Diptera) they form different sub-families with their own individual biology.

Goats are not a registered target species. We don’t have data on tolerance in goats. No age restrictions apply to the use of Butox® 7.5 pour on in sheep.

In rare single cases this might be true, depending on weather conditions, herd conditions and application methods.

From scientific point of view this should be possible as the female flies are repelled by any Butox® formulation. We do not however have any data on the preventive effect of any Butox® formulation against Myasis. Butox® does not have any larvicidal effect, so larvae which are already beneath the skin will not be affected and have to be treated with an endectocide. Important: Do not use any Butox® formulation directly on skin lesions.

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