Culicoides midges – Behavioural Patterns

These tiny insects fly in swarms during the twilight hours of dusk and dawn when conditions are still and warm. Some species can enter animal housing.

Daily activity

daily activity culicoides

Times of peak flying activity for male and female midges.

Both male and female midges feed on sugar sources (lice, flower nectar, plant juice).

Trophic habits

Only the females are blood sucking, blood meals are required for the development and maturation of eggs. Females feed on all warm blooded vertebrates but prefer domestic animals. Females suck blood every 3 to 5 days. During their lifespan, females can feed more than three times. Peak feeding times are during the peak flying times of dusk and dawn.

Preferred biting zones

biting zones

The female midges prefer biting on the underbelly and legs, especially in the area around the coronary bands of the claws